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It’s your damn day, so you better celebrate it proper! Free Champagne, Priority Entry & a Solid Birthday Shoutout! What better way to spend your born day?


Get that money! Whether you’re a local organization, a not-for-profit, a sports team, or a small business, we’d be happy to help you meet your fundraising goals. Working strategically to plan your event, we’ll work together to help raise those funds!


Get your ladies together, it’s time for a night out. Pull up with a group of 6 or more and get free cover before 11.  PLUS, we’re hooking up parties of 15 or more with a bottle of champagne on the house!


The best way to spend your night out. Treat your squad to a personalized club experience, with sectioned/private areas, a variety of bottles to choose from, and a designated server to cater your party.

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